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Punch Needles

Punch Needle Tools, Frames and Kits

We’ve got everything you need to get started with punch needle embroidery, including punch needle kits, patterns, punch needle tools, yarn and frames. We test all our tools and kits to guarantee quality. Whether you’re a beginner or a punch needle expert, we’re confident you’ll find something you love. If you’ve never tried punch needle before, check out our punch needle guide, and watch our video punch needle tutorials for a visual guide.

Quick Punch Needle Guide 

Ultra: up to 6 strands embroidery floss | Weavers Cloth

Rico Adjustable Fine:  2-3 strands embroidery floss of DMC up to double 6-strands embroidery floss | Weavers Cloth (2 smallest needles), Monks Fine, Floba, Belfast

Lavor:  6 strands embroidery floss of DMC up to a fine yarn (1-2 weight) | Weavers Cloth (2 smallest needles), Monks Fine, Floba, Belfast

Oxford fine: medium weight yarn | Monks Cloth Fine (preferred), Tula, Floba, Belfast

Lavor Medium: medium weight yarn| Monks Coarse/Fine (preferred)

SKC: heavy weight yarn | Monks Coarse/Fine

Oxford regular: heavy weight yarn | Monks Coarse (preferred)/Fine,

Lavor Chunky: heavy weight yarn | Monks Coarse (preferred)/Fine

*some chunky wool may not work well depending on its composition and how tight it pulls in the needle.

No punch needle works with AIDA. Please take note of the particular materials each works with. 

Punch Needle Kits

We have a wide range of modern patterns available for different styles of punch needle. We support independent designers when sourcing our punch needle kits ♥ Browse our range online and get started on your beautiful punch needle project!

Why Punch Needle?

Punch needle embroidery is great for creating embroidery with depth and a bit more variety than standard embroidery. Like its name, the art you can create with punch needles carry that extra punch of detail and variation, allowing you to experiment and balance detail and texture. Punch needle kits also make great gifts, as it’s easy to pick up and create incredible looking designs.

Should I Use Yarn or Floss?

Whether you choose yarn or floss depends on the needle and the material you’re using as a canvas. Each punch needle has unique thicknesses it can work with, and are fussy with what material they work on. Get familiar with each punch needle with our quick punch needle guide below. We also recommend video tutorials for your particular punch needle before starting it for the first time, as visual guides are so helpful to master the technique!

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