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Protea by Wattle & Loop | Kit

Protea by Wattle & Loop | Kit

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The time spent slow-stitching is proven to relax and create a state of mindfulness.

Enjoy the true sense of achievement that comes with producing your own unique and beautiful artwork.

You will find a carefully chosen assortment of Liberty of London fabric, vintage fabric and reclaimed fabric in every Wattle&Loop Slow-Stitching Kit. You will also find embroidery threads and a sewing needle.

By following the full colour pattern and detailed instruction booklet you can create a hand sewn, one-of-a-kind textile artwork!

Firstly, a quick run down of what is included in your kit:

  • Jeana Kimball Size 9 Embroidery Needle A long and fine needle so you can grip it easily, with a big eye so it’s easy to thread. I also include a needle threader so it’s extra easy
  • DMC Stranded Embroidery Cotton A selection of colours cut to length to suit your kit choice.
  • Fabric A piece of background fabric is included as well as all the fabrics you’ll need to make your picture.
  • Colour Pattern & Instruction Booklet Clearly laid out and with full colour photos throughout.

A little bit about the fabrics in your kit

“Wattle & Loop source vintage and reclaimed fabrics from across the world to use in the Wattle&Loop Kits… English country brocantes, French flea markets and American & Australian vintage collectors. When searching for fabrics for the kits I make a point of trying to choose fabrics that may not be of much use to other sewers or crafters because of holes, stains, tears, old worn-out embroidery etc. I believe it is these ‘imperfections’ that add the magic, personality and story to each artwork that is made from these fabrics. In my own work I always make a point of using these ‘features’ of the old fabrics to my advantage to help tell the story of the piece. I do not try to hide them.

Your kit will contain many fabrics that have already had a full life of their own with the marks, holes and traces of old embroidery to prove it! As you incorporate these fabrics into your artwork, you will be giving them a whole new life as a thing of beauty, rather than a bit of fabric disregarded for its imperfections. This is what makes Wattle&Loop Kits absolutely unique and special.

Each Wattle&Loop Kit contains a similar, but different, selection of fabrics to every other kit. Once I have used up a piece of vintage fabric, that’s it, I cannot simply buy more of the same. But, by using these special, limited quantity fabrics, you can be sure that your kit is 100% unique; as far from ‘mass produced’ as they come! What is also very important to me, is that by using these fabrics, instead of constantly buying brand new fabrics, we are reducing our footprint on the environment. We are making something stunning out of fabrics that may otherwise have ended up in landfill.”

Now, some things that you will need to source to make your kit

  • Scissors You will be working with small pieces of fabric so I’d recommend small to medium size scissors. And make sure they’re sharp! I like to use the blue handled Karen Kay Buckley scissors.
  • Fabric Glue or Glue Stick I use 2 different types of glue while making my fabric artworks. A Sue Daley Glue Pen (comes with refill) is great and so is Roxanne Glue-Baste-It. These are both temporary glues used only to hold the fabrics long enough until we stitch them down securely. An ordinary glue stick from a stationery or craft supplier is also fine as it’s only a temporary bond that’s required. Alternatively, small pins work perfectly well too!
  • Temporary Fabric Marking Pen or HB Pencil I like to use a water erasable marker made by Clover or a heat (iron) erasable pen by Pilot called a Frixion pen. They’re great for quickly sketching out a rough design onto your background to make placing your fabric shapes down a bit easier. An HB pencil is ok too but keep in mind it can’t be erased – it has to be covered up with fabric.

And one last thing to consider…

While you’re making your artwork you can also add your own ‘special touches’ if you like. Do you have any of your own special scraps of fabric that you could incorporate? Perhaps you have a box of old lace doilies or grandma’s old lace hankies that instead of sitting in a cupboard, could be incorporated into your special textile artwork to be admired and enjoyed once again?

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