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Large Button Needle Minder Pair (Outback) 38mm

Large Button Needle Minder Pair (Outback) 38mm

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These cute homemade fabric-covered-button needle minders are designed to be used in pairs – one placed on the front of your fabric and one on the other side to hold it in place.

Its strong rare earth magnets will keep your needle secure and no longer lost somewhere in the carpet or at the back of your couch! The magnets on this needle minder are covered rather than exposed, so it won’t make any marks on your work. Just swap sides for a different look when you feel like it – it’s like having two in one!

Magnets in this product are enclosed securley in the button with a metal plate at the back. Regularly check this plate has not been damaged or removed.


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‘WARNING! This product contains small magnets. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.’

Magnets in this product and enclosed in the buttons with a metal plate at the back. Regularly check this plate has not been damaged or removed.

Safe Use

Keep minders/magnets away from young children.

If you suspect a child has swallowed magnets, seek urgent medical assistance.

Risk and Injuries

Magnets can be dangerous to children if swallowed, causing infections and other serious injuries. If a child puts a magnet in their mouth they can choke if the magnet lodges in their throat and blocks their windpipe.

If a child swallows a number of magnets, the magnets can lock together through the walls of the intestines and cause perforations and blockages. Urgent surgery is required to remove the magnets in order to avoid serious medical complications or death.


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Design Pair

Kangaroo / Numbat, Kangaroo / Banksia, Numbat / Banksia

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